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Your Snowboard instructor affiliated to FRANCE SNOWBOARD will be waiting for you in the Air to Kite Boardercamp traveling structure based on the ALPE D'HUEZ large ski area and OZ-VAUJANY resort
The Air to Kite Boardercamp snowboard school offers snowboard courses from beginners to advanced snowboarders with the various parts of freestyle and freeride
Additionally, unlike on water, we can use three dimensions, marking the most of the wind currents, the slope and the height difference.
The School Air to Kite allows you to discover SNOWKITING with SNOWBOARD in the beautiful ski area of L'Alpe d'Huez, spot from the Snowkitemasters
SNOWKITE, ist freedom! The flow of the air takes us for endless rides over vast distances.

You're Snowboard Instructor


iSébastien Grimont :

Instructor of France Snowboard founder of the Air2Kite Boardercamp Snowboard School specialist in Snowboarding, Snowkiting and Kitesurf teaching with experience all over the world!

Like Austria, Switzerland, Tanzania or even Greece, we invite you to come and discover new sensations in complete safety with the sharing of experience and passion.

Air2Kite Boardercamp is affiliated with France Snowboard, the 1st team of specialist snowboard instructors in France. A 100% snowboarding commitment.

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