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SNOWBOARD Lessons                     Prices / pers:

Group 3hours (6 people max)                            45€

2/3 days                                                             130€

5/6 days                                                             170€

Private (5people max)                              +25€/ additionally pers:

Private 1hour                                                    50€

Private  ½ day                                                  180€

Day                                                                   330€

Snowboard: group of 6 people maximum and private commitment of 5 people maximum
- 1h: Evaluations and observations of techniques
- 3h: Name of the usual terms, warm up, balance, first glide and assisted turns, discovery of the possibilities of use of the board.
- 1/2 day: Establishment of technical educational, evolution on different terrains according to the level
- Private day from 3 to 5 days: Consolidation of achievements, progression of techniques on various terrains, discovery of the possibilities of use of the board.

Snowboard Hicking  or SPLITBOARD (3people max)

Private  ½ day                                              240€

Day                                                                360€

Course depends of skills

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